We Cannot Stop Singing
Virtual Choir Project


On 14th March social media featured video of quarantined Italians singing to each other from their balconies. A poet and librettist called Euan Tait shared one of these and attached a poem which he had written. I found it moving and asked his permission to set it to music, which he generously gave. Having done that it occurred to me that making a Virtual Choir recording would be a nice way to honour the spirit of the poem, and a fun project for the VW Singers during this isolation period.

The poem

We cannot stop singing;

Our hearts erupt, and it is song.

This is what we were always doing,

From behind closed doors, from shuttered hearts.

Always, beloved unknown,

I was singing to you.

Now we are here, singing.


On this page you will find a PDF of the score along with rehearsal tracks. There are four tracks focussing on each voice part and a fifth track with all the parts equal. There is also a link to a dropbox page for you to download the tracks from if you prefer.

I'd like you, if you are willing, to please make a recording of yourself singing your part - preferably video, but audio will do. A phone will do the job fine. Try to make it a head-and-shoulders shot. You will need to have the track playing on headphones to help keep you in time.


When you have done it, send it to me at ian@appletreemusic.net and I will (technology willing) weave it into a magical tapestry. If I have a video of you then be prepared for it to end up on YouTube.

Have fun!

The Vaughan Williams Singers



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